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Feel the Power. Bring the Noise.

Things I have text messages, IMed, or said on the phone during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament:

-- Stanley Burrell is MC Hammer's real name

-- Suck it. I picked Montana.

-- Shockers vs. Pirates. The basketball gods love me.

-- Black dude with a mohawk! It's a blohawk!

-- Marquette just fucked my bracket. I'm leaking the sex tape to the interweb.

-- What an assortment of floaters and runners

-- Sorry I didn't see you. Maybe next time.

-- WTF? You bought a dorm???

-- Greg Gumbel once signed my autistic brother's ass.

-- Is Luke there? How's his horse?

-- Matt Brunner looks like a retarded Ryan. Wait. Scratch that. He looks like Ryan.

-- Tomorrow we being the forting of the ead.

-- I'm pretty sure I'm not. But if you wanna take this all the way to Maury, be my guest.

-- I hope Bobby Hurley is giving Coach K a ride home after the game.

-- It's all about plausable deniability

-- Southern and Duke are tied!!11!! At 4. Color me badd.

-- Tell your mom I said hi, and thanks for covering me in body paint when i was 13

-- Check out the tits on that guy

-- JR Ewing wasn't that bad of a guy. It's just that Bobby was such a douche. Also, Cliff Barnez fuck1ng ruled.

-- NotVernLundquist: Dorf just wills the ball into the basket.

-- I think you sent that to the wrong person. Everything OK?

-- Am I interrupting you making out? Just wanted to say, "PwN3D!!11!//"

-- When it comes to down to money, I understand being smart. But when it comes to love, you gotta stick with your peeps.

-- I think I might get testicular cancer, 'cuz my balls are SMOKIN'!

-- The South will rise again! They're due.

-- That's it. We're done.

-- 2:22 PM. Time for a mojo shot!

-- On the pain in bench.

-- He's counting the ones on his face

-- Mojo jersey still smells like pee

-- Don't be afraid. I got the finger.

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