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There was a time,  before I moved to New York or New Jersey or wherever it was that I moved to, that I was instructed not to like Stu.  I don't remember who instructed me to do that.  And frankly, it's stupid to expect me to like or dislike anyone without my meeting them.

But I met Stu drinking whiskey at the Nancy Whiskey Pub, and even though I was told not to like him .. I couldn't not.  Even when I lived in Jersey and he lived in New York, and I'd meet him after work.. he'd call me "10 PM Chris" because I had to leave at 10 PM to get back to Jersey.  And he'd give me shit, but we'd carry this on.

And once I moved to the city, he was my constant companion.  I dunno, I guess most of you know Stu as the snarky guy who likes to show how much smarter he is than everybody else.  That's fun for some people.  Funny for others.  Hurtful to a few.  But I know Stu as the guy who said "Oh my god, you just broke up with your girlfriend in Jersey and now you're in the city and, by god, we are gonna fuck shit up every night all the motherfucking time, because we kind of rule and shit." 

And we did just that.  Like every other night or so.  For like 2 years. At least.  Probably more.  But that Stu guy saw what a shit fucking wreck I was after Jersey.  And he stuck with me.  And let me talk.  And listened to me yell and stuff.  He saw me at my worst.  And he still liked me.

Stu has seen most of the worst of me and some of the best of me. And he still sticks with me.

I remember being gone on vacation at the end of September-- which is something I never go on because I'm usually on it or gone somewhere -- and  getting a call from a friend saying "hey, you should show up."  And I heard why.

And then I watched this
  and this

They cut that dude's fucking heart open.  And you know what?  He is the fucking BEST.

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