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You Don't Look So Kinda Pretty When Your Face Doesn't Screw It Up
The Goonies is my favorite movie of all time. Last weekend I was back visiting my parents in Connecticut, and one of my friends IMed me to tell me that the Goonies was on in HD and we need to watch it. At 1 AM. So I sat up all night, like a geek, and IMed with my friends through the whole movie.

I was 8 when that movie came out, and there's a river that runs about a block away from my parents' house. Abut a quarter-mile from their house the river starts to widen, and when I was little I would swear that once the river started to widen I'd find a pirate ship. On Saturday afternoons I used to steal my dad's rubber fishing pants and wade up river looking for One-Eyed Willie, every weekend making it farther and father. I never did find him. But I did take a long walk along that river at 3AM last Saturday night, thinking maybe that 25 years later I'd know where to better look.

When Mouth says to Stef "you know, you don't look so kinda pretty... when your face doesn't screw it up."... still kills me.

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