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Inauguration response
You know, I think it's somewhat silly to celebrate the inauguration of one man as much as we have. I don't mean to shit on your post, and I certainly don't mean to shit on what the past week has meant to America and the world.

We can celebrate this moment as much as we can. And we should. But one man, no matter how powerful he may be, is not going to change the world as one POTUS. It's on his charges. It's on us. We elected him. And I never thought we would. Which says to me that, as a Nation, the US is wrecked and rambled enough that the most biased of us are ready to put those biases-of-centuries aside and stray from what we've known because those things of old don't serve our self-needs any longer. And that is fucking beautiful.

I celebrate what this inauguration means to everyone as a statement. But not as a celebration of one man and, most of all, one party. The onus is on us as a people, not him. It's on us to follow through on making sure that We, The People, get what we want out of our Country. And get what we want out of ourselves. And give the world what it needs from us.

So remember that. Not who you were standing next to.

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