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Today I am going to A Toy Expo
Today I am going to A Toy Expo with my new friend Morag and her 11 month old son, Lewis. Meeting people here is about as stressful as your first day of school, ever.

And, ironically, we bonded at Starbucks. She was interviewing a very pretty young Polish woman as a babysitter. I needed a table (and was physically - desperately drawn to the sound of english spoken aloud... even if it was almost incomprehensible Scottish) and we all bonded in the way that only "auslanders" can.

I said something horribly sarcastic (don't remember what anymore) and she smiled the knowing smile. And so these things are forged.

Sarcasm is the thing that forever separates english speakers from the rest of the world. After three months of German lessons I understand it isn't just that they don't get it - its that the language itself doesn't allow for it. It isn't built that way and only people (like the long suffering Stefan) who are exposed to smart ass english speakers (like me)for a long time, develop a sense of this excellent linguistic tool.

There was some movie in the 80's that added "not" after every sarcastic comment. At the time I thought it just a way for stupid people to feel more comfortable with sarcasm... maybe it would be a good learning tool.

But it is an amazing relief to have a conversation without constantly editing out all of the $5 words and character.

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