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Country Mouse VS. City Mouse
Relaxation is Bliss.
Escaping the family is Bliss.
Snow covered mountains with sleepy valleys and icy rivers are bliss.
Spending a languid evening floating from a good mexican restaurant to an evening in a natural hot springs is really Blissful. And even better when its lightly snowing, creating a misty white dome over your head.
Waking up to a fresh chilly morning surrounded by a peaceful snow covered world is Blissfully relaxing. Especially when a very happy Stefan is already up and building a fire in the old fashioned pot-bellied stove.
Hanging out with a friend so old that you were at each other's birth respectively (me prenatal - he in swaddling clothes) is also Blissfully uncomplicated.
And best of all I have three weeks of this ahead of me.

Even the city mouse is in a state of Bliss.

Oddly, the only tiny edge of stress is in thinking up something special to do for our two year anniversary. Any suggestions?

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