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More angst than usual
I seem to have taken a semi-conscious hiatus from my writing duties - For which I truely appologize and promise to do better in the future.

I've moved back to Toronto and all the responcibilities that that implies. It took a lot of time and money. And now that I'm here...

So far I have not: got a job, an appartment, approached anybody about any of the meaningful projects for which I returned, or started to excersize, do yoga, pilates and attempt to strip two years of rust off my bicycle.

I have: eaten too much every day, felt sorry for myself, gone to see the worst of the Hollywood fair (Matrix 2, Bruce Almighty -don't hate me), and used up four phone cards weeping copious tears into Stefan's far away ears.

My knowledge of physics is limited, but I suspect this all has to do with inertia.

I did, however, manage to see a few of the "Doors Open Toronto" architectural wonders - hidden ballrooms and banquet halls tucked into unused corners of buildings I see every day... when I bother to look up. Beautiful and remarkable places that reminded me that Toronto is more and better than I was coming to fear.

Now I have to write that screenplay.

Europe Shmurope!!

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