Kristen: Leap Year Day


my first wedding was in a film festival.
I love that because I picked the perfect date

it is what it is
probably is the basis of acceptance therapy (there's such a thing)

and I constantly finagle at how to get back to that feeling of belong.

that's what was so nice about going to ILM in '23
the ghosts were pure Kristen, and I loved her.
I mean sure much much much of the historic air bNb had sobbing on the floor and I did have my panic attack walks at night, and that was to be expected.

my old house is an airbnb and the house before it was a wise wise investment.
I have a nose for buying houses - was really pushing #2 yet with
all of him
expensive price for a

what have I learned. that's what I bemoaned in my leather bound hand writing diary this morning - can you believe I have even more words to spew. I don't talk to anyone. when rich gave me this forum, it was like a connection to the universe. although the cyber-archeologists - it feels logical that all of this would be completely lost in the blow out - it's all cyber - but what do I know.

memory serves what porpoise?
doomed to repeat unknown histoire sic

and I think of grace again
and pray for forgiveness while admiring the nice
graphics on the envelope.


and now

six gone down a drain

grateful for healthy cats

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