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I know I'm a lazy complaining horror of an employee (and that is actually one of the reasons I am incensed: Will there ever be a job that I take that actually has things for me to do during the entire 8 hours?), but I was researching the Internet again. Hell, I couldn't think of anything new to type in. I'm between topics, so I went to an old standby: astrology. One of my problems with astrology is that it's so amazingly zany, how could it work? I often wonder if I'm just some dumb ass who wants to believe some order exists and there is a reason why people are the way they are. This sounds crazy, but then there's the fact that if I don't like someone, it's often that they are an Aries. Everyone I know that I like is astrologically sound. The clincher for me was when I discovered moons. I have a dichotimy to my personality. I previously stifled my happy, energetic side in favor of my dark, sarcastic, jealous side. When I discovered moons… oh crikey like anyone cares. I'm just saying that there must be something to it, but I can't imagine reaching the year 3000 and having astrology be a focus. Perhaps it's my western upbringing. In India, they probably accept this stuff like we accept Type A personality. Anyhoo, I was doing "research" on myself by typing in my moon and sun sign and came across a funny truism. It basically said what they all say in that I'm a unique personality and reform and stuff… but the thing that made me smile was that it said something like "although you have a unique window into people's motivations and how the world works, you should greatly control your tendency to think that you are an omnipotent god-like creature". How true! None of my friends would tell me this (besides Greg). Things like this make me believe in ‘strology.

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