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OK, I'm not working much today and writing your eye off, but IF I DID do movie reviews, my review for "Pearl Harbor" would be this (and I would stand by it no matter what my editors said): "Pearl Harbor. My review? I'm not writing one. You've been told to see it. You will. You will feel slightly silly for seeing it and tell friends that it's rendetion of the battle and special effects were amazing but that the plot was a bit derivitive. Of course, I'm not seeing the movie because I'm a rebel. Once, my mom told me to take a bath RIGHT when I was headed to take a bath UNPROMPTED by her. I was nine-ish. Something about her tone irritated me, and we had a skirmish with me pouting and pretending to take a bath by filling the tub and splashing the water with my hand while sitting on the toilet seat. I can't remember, but I think she caught me, and I had to take a real bath."

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