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9/11/01 shall we play a game?

medium pimping: reflections on lauren's goodbye dinner at lever house restaurant in 16 haiku

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'le vie c'est tres droll'

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lever house entrance
spaceship plank descends into
a different world

That must be someone -
Too many faces to know
Who is most famous.

Perfect martini
Ruined by garrulous man
With ring on finger

a toast is called for
heartfelt congratulations
that are bittersweet

by her glowing face
it is understood by all
her choice is correct

we count the days till
our loss and Oregon's gain
try to make a joke

al sharpton and slut
sit smugly at our table
how dare they take it!

The small plate that sat
For one moment before me
Swiftly disappears

(In the black bathroom
The voice of my favorite
Promises passion)

we are served dish after dish
of deliciousness

A shrimp with head on
Speaks to me from the small plate
Hello and goodbye.

alcohol and time
make Oregon less foreign
than before dinner

7 deserts for
6 ravenous women we
pounce like animals

(another drunk dial
just repeating myself. You
hear what I don't say.)

queasy in the cab
I close my eyes a second
And it's 8 am

Homemade tootsie rolls
I was too stuffed to finish
Taste good for breakfast

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9/11/01 shall we play a game?

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