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It seems as though the fates would have me out every single night, school night or no. Drankin.

I am a lightweight now, but all that will soon change. Very soon.

Cava is some good stuff. Last night my friend Fredrick took me out to celebrate nothing over Cava (Spanish champagne - muy delicioso) and tapas*. Birthdays aside, there seems to be a lot of celebration of nothing in my life right now. My family threw a big fancy brunch when I was home this weekend which my father referred to as the "Je ne sais quoi Brunch" because none of us could determine exactly what the occasion was that was worth 3 bottles of champagne. Don't get excited - it was only the French stuff. Not that we don't have a lot going on, but nothing in particular that day that called for a party or anything. Although my roomate is away right now - in Spain actually. Now there's a good reason to party as any.

Time for a visual aid:
image of spain spain spain

Cava is from North Eastern regions of Cataluņa. If you have enough glasses of it, you can convince yourself you are actually there fairly effectively. One more glass and you are fluent in Catalan!

*Going Tapas: The best thing is that the next day when you tell someone you went to a tapas bar, they will automatically hear "topless". No matter how many times you say it. They will look at you sidelong for the rest of the day. Try it!

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