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'le vie c'est tres droll'

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Employee of the Millennium

The cups here seem to be getting smaller, so I went mug hunting in the cabinets. We have free coffee here at The Man Corporation so I like to down about 12 cups a day. I estimate that's 1.50 x 12 - $18 per day/ $90 per week. Which roughly translates to $4860.00 per year. Not bad. I like to factor that extra $5,000 into my salary when people ask me how much I make from The Man. Well, they have the audacity to ask anyway.

So back to mug hunting. I pushed aside the puny 6 oz. 20%/80% paper/cardboard recycle blend cups to get to the old dusty mugs in the back of the cupboard. I couldn't see what I was grabbing, so I just reached back as far as I could and yanked one that wasn't crusted to the shelf permanently.

I struck gold.

I'm serious, after wiping the cup: a gold star appeared.

The mug pulsed in my hand. I kept cleaning the mug and suddenly I saw the Times New Roman caps in 28 pt. shining back up at me.

I had chosen the "Employee of the Millennium" mug.

Or had it chosen me?

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