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Dear Matt,

Thursday November 1 - no breakfast. Lunch with John Lawton. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Dinner was McDonalds - a rare treat

Friday November 2. - no breakfast. I had lunch with John Lawton - pulled Pork Sandwich from LIVE BAIT. Dinner at Whole Foods in Jersey, I believe I had pulled was a day for pulled meat.

Saturday November 3 - breakfast - Onion Bagel (as is) - Lunch - fried chicken and potato salad at the Lime Rock Race Track in Connecticut.
Dinner - My special Cheese Burger. (Many men have died keeping the secret recipe secret)

Sunday November 4 - no breakfast - no lunch - dinner at Vatan Indian Restaurant.

Monday November 5 - no breakfast - Lunch at LIVE BAIT with John Lawton. New meatloaf sandwich. (It's as though they read my mind) Dinner - will be announced.


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