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I saw a man on 25th street who looked like you are going to look when you are sixty years old. He kinda looked me up and down as we passed, as if to say, "If you try to kick me in the balls, I'll be ready for you!"

Then it occured to me what was going on: Matt Johnson, on or about the year 2030 has managed to figure out the mystery of time travel. Wanting to relive his past glory, or possibly seeking to get revenge on a ball kicking before it actually happens, he - you, traveled back in time to this afternoon, hoping to catch me off guard.

But I'm not to you, Matt Johnson of the Future! I know your'e game, and I'm ready.

The next time I see old man Johnson (won't it be great when people can actually call you 'old man johnson?) - the next time I see old man Johnson I'm going to kick him - you - right in the balls!


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