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I admit, I have been remiss on my menu reporting duties. I was trying to decide if I wanted to catch up, or just start from now on - I settled on something in between:

Monday, April 1st.
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - chicken and rice (my own special recipe)

Tuesday, April 2nd
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - half cup white rice, quarter cup general tso's chicken
Dinner - left over chicken and rice

Wednesday, April 3rd
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - pathetically small salad
Dinner - 2 cups honey nut cheerios

Thursday, April 4th
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Meatloaf Sandwich! (It's been a long time since the mighty meatloaf sandwich)
Dinner - Alas, 2 cups honey hut cheerios


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