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Things were complicated this weekend, so I will have to give you times of meals, rather than names of meals.

Thursday, April 18th.
9am - half a bagel
6pm- two hot dogs

Friday, April 19th
5am- small apple, half a ham sandwich - plain (very small ham sandwich)
10am - other half of ham sandwich.
noon - small turkey sandwich - plain
3pm - peanut butter and crackers (from MRE) -
10pm - MRE (meal ready to eat) Beef stew - lost of salt

Saturday, April 20th
2am - mud from a sewer pipe (unintentional, but I did swallow it - ick!)
6am - crackers from MRE (trying to chew quietly as not to give away my position)
3pm - fudge brownie from MRE
10pm - MRE - white rice

Sunday, April 21st
5am - one cracker from MRE
8am - dry cheerios - small box
9am - ham sandwich
5pm - pot luck dinner eaten very quickly


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