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Once again, a complex weekend for meals - thanks to the Army

Thursday, May 2nd.
Breakfast - none
Lunch - white rice with vegetables
Dinner - none

Friday, May 3rd
5am - banana
1pm - MRE crackers,MRE (beef stew - lots of salt to make it taste like something I recognize as eatable - namely, salt.
6pm - some kind of chicken thing - not too bad...

Lots of water between meals.

Saturday, May 4th
6am - wierd eggs with ham
6pm - pasta with sauce and meatballs - not too shabby. and cookies! Good cookies
11pm - two more cookies that SGT. Garand produced from his pockets.

Lots of water between meals - as is the army way.

Sunday, May 5th
6am - weird eggs with sausage this time.
5pm - Wendy's chicken sandwich


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