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I'm going to Lunch with John Lawton today. We're going to LIVE BAIT. Here is my lunch plan:

I'm going to eat at least two of the little corn muffins that they bring us before the meal.
I'm going to ask for a glass of water, and drink as many glasses as they will refill.
I'm going to order the chicken Caesar salad, and I'm going to eat all the chicken, and all the croutons - but I probably won't eat all the lettuce.
I'm Not going to order a soda, because they are $2.50 each, and that's just way too much for a soda.
I might buy a bottle of soda on the way home - depending on how thirsty I am. Actually has nothing to do with being thirsty, because, as I drink upwards of 2 gallons of water a day, I'm almost never thirsty. When I say "thirsty" in reference to Coke, that means "I can no longer control my addiction, I must have some Coke"

Normally, after I eat at LIVE BAIT, I will be on the toilet an hour later (sometimes sooner) - but not today, because the salad doesn't usually do that to me.
But I've been eating a lot of fiber lately, so who knows.


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