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So I've been working out a lot to get in shape for Basic Training. "Isn't Basic Training supposed to get you in shape?" - That's true, but the better shape I am in when I get there, the less traumatic it is going to be on my body. I'm going to have a hard enough time dealing with all the eighteen year old kids who actually WANT to go off to war and kill people, I don't need the added stress of being totaly out of shape.

Anyway, along with my Army approved PT (Physical Training) - which consists of pushups, situps and running - I've following along with this work out show on the Heatlh Network. This guy "Gilad" runs this show. He's a martial artist, soccer player, runner and dancer. He's in amazing shape.

The workout is about a half hour of aerobics, basic punches and kicks, strectching, strength training and toning with dumbbells and all around exercise crap.

Now to the point. There is one excercise that he does in every show, which actually simulates kicking someone in the balls. He doesn't say this, but it's the perfect ball kicking motion.

So, I am seriously training the muscles necessary to kick you in the balls. That, coupled with the killer instinct the Army will instill in me, means that your balls will be kicked early in the year 2003 - at the very latest.


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