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Thursday, June 13th.

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Chicken and Brocoli (no rice)
Dinner - My World Famous Goulash!

Friday, June 14th.

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - more goulash
Dinner - Some Cuban chicken dish from a restaurant named Casa Del Faro - I don't remember what it's called. - oh, and Fried Calamari

Satruday, June 15th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - A BBQ Chicken Sandwich, and Nachos (Cahunaville)
Dinner - Pop Corn Chicken, and a Vanilla Jr. Awful Awful (Newport Creamery)

Sunday, June 16th

Breakfast - Chourice and Cheese Omlette.
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - Thai Cashew Chicken and fried tofu


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