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I really don't have it in me anymore. The luster has gone out of your balls. I have no desire whatsoever to kick you in your private area.

What's wrong with me? Maybe I'm depressed....I don't know.

Maybe it will get better when Matt gets back. He's in Spain, wooping it up with the Spanairds, and I'm sitting here making empty threats at some other guys balls. What has the world become?

You and I both know, Raj, that it is Matt's balls that I want to kick. You're just a stupid proxy...who wants a proxy? Actually, I hate proxies. Everytime I've ever had to set up a Proxy Server, it has made me very unhappy...You are a proxy...you make me very unhappy. See the connection?

I'm just rambling now, Raj. This is what I've become. A rambling fool, who can't even muster up enough energy to properly threaten to kick someone in the balls.

No wonder Matt didn't hire me....


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