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i had my ten year reunion over thanksgiving weekend. you know my friend lisa and i have been planning it for like 10 months. actually she did more work than i did because she still lives in our hometown. anyway, the whole shin-dig was really nice, the food was good but honestly, it wasn't the most fabulous time i've ever had in my life or anything. i didn't even really get to talk to very many people because i was taking pics of everyone. and it's not like everyone was sitting around chatting up old school pranks or apologizing for being an ass in school. it was mostly like the prom: when it's over you can't believe you ever made it out to be a big deal in the first place.

one interesting note is that all the boys got chunky and all the girls looked fabulous. one of my guy classmates claimed it was because girls get to use make-up and such. i think it's because the boys have been on a steady diet of beer and pop-tarts for ten years. when my friend julie went to her high school reunion, everyone had like 3 kids and dressed straight from the jc penny catalog. most of my peeps were dressed fancily - she didn't go to my high school which was part west beverly high.

all in all, it was nice to see people leading regular, non-jerky lives. and the couple people i thought might show up to kill everyone didn't show up. so that's always nice.

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