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wintry mix - they weren't kidding!  
north carolina was hit with what was supposedly the worst ice storm ever. my husband and i kept calling it "winter storm twenty-ought-two" because he has a professor that won't say "two thousand two" when talking about the has to have the "ought" in it. i don't even know if that's how you spell "ought" when refering to the year but whatever.

ANYWHO. we lost power for a while which is definetly in the top 5 suckiest things to happen. many people still don't have power. in fact, my hubs just called to tell me that we lost power again at the apartment. jeez.

every blade of grass and every tree was covered in ice. it was really pretty but really crappy. so raleigh was shut down on thursday but i made it into work today (i don't know why. i just got up and got ready and didn't think about it.) things are still a mess today, though. trees are down everywhere, power lines are down and the stop lights don't even work. i am STILL not sure why i got up today! raleigh is going to look pretty bare once they tree doctors get out and cut down the fallen limbs.

since the news was on for a million hours straight, the newscasters were left up to their own devises and were allowed to converse freely between weather reports. this was one conversation that had me howling for hours:

jackie-kennedy-wanna-be-newscaster: you know, some of my neighbors have sewage systems that pump electrically up-hill so they can't even use their toilets during power outages.

wishes-he-was-matt-lauer-newscaster: oh no, that's the final indignity, you can take away my heat but don't take away my toilet!

they actually let him say that on the air. all of raleigh (the half that had power) had images of this news guy hunkered down on his toilet, gripping the sides and crying "don't take away my toilet!!!". well, if you didn't have that image in your head before, you do now.

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