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long live the gift certificate  
here's the annual list of stuff i racked up on christmas:

l.l. bean gift certificate
crate and barrel gift certificate
blockbuster gift certificate
"the lobster chronicles" by linda greenlaw
really cute ceramic pig salt and pepper shakers
cool martini glasses
little plastic animals that hang off a drink so you know it's yours
red amber prayer/worry beads from greece. so cool.
dee-lish aveda products
mini chest of drawers perfect for holding tchotchkes
poetry by sonja sanchez inscribed to "sister lisa"
flannel sheets
flannel cosmetic bag
"friends" trivia game hee.
jeweled picture frame

every year my mummers puts together our stockings and they always kick ass. they're stuffed with all the stuff you need and forget to buy when you're at target: toofbrushes, chapstick, candy candy candy, socks and an orange at the bottom of the stocking for good health in the new year. i swear that woman is so adorable.

new year's eve was uneventful. i made a fancy dinner and my brother and his girl came over to watch "dick clark's rockin' new year's eve on life support". how OLD is dick clark?!?! we kept making jokes on how he was wheeled into the studio on a gurney and that he has to use tongs to move his arms. good times, good times.

happy 2003 to you all. i won't even go into how i cannot believe it's already 2003. its seems like just yesterday i had the year 2000-shaped glasses on.

thanks to rich for the happy robot words introspective. when does the book come out?

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