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i love paper. i've always had a small obsession for blank pages in a journal. i've never even done anything special with them other than writing on them. but i'm a bit of a pack rat when it comes to paper and clippings and odds and ends.

i've started a card-making company. it's a very small company. just me. i've been told i should sell them (mostly by people that have to say stuff like that - my husband, my mom, my mother-in-law) but i end up spending a lot of time on the cards so i couldn't really sell to the masses. and i'm into buying supplies so much that each card would have to be priced at $35 and above for me to make any money. i mostly started making my own cards because i got sick of spending $3 on cards with stupid sayings in them. so now i spend $17.50 on supplies for one card. but i feel good about it.

i've been buying stickers and beads and paper. the paper is the best. nice, brilliant cardstock. i just ordered some wonderful blank cards from paper source. the web site is like porn for me. i've been on the site 10 times in two days salivating over the stuff they sell. i am already planning on going to their store in boston when i am there for a wedding in june. i've also been scouring antique places for old postcards and magazines. they make excellent card-making accoutrements. i especially like the postcards from grannies in florida that say stuff like "hi. my gout is feeling better. wish you were here." in that case, i don't even care what's on the front.

i hope when my friends get the cards they're a little excited to get a lisa terwilliger original since i took the time to craft a loving card for them. but mostly they probably just think "bitch can't even go to hallmark for a damn card anymore".

one little problem i've run into is that i sometimes don't want to part with a card i've made. i am going to have to start a sort of card lending service where i give you a card and you can look at it for a week but then you have to send it back to me.

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