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while i'm all about women's rights and think that a stay at home mom is really a working mom and all that. and because i rock in general, you might be surprised to know that i take on the traditional females roles in my household quite happily. i'm in charge of grocery shopping. i clean. i do laundry. etc etc. i don't particularly enjoy cleaning. but i do love grocery shopping and cooking so it's not too much of a chore for me. i think one of the main reasons why i do all these things is because i am 100 times more efficient than my husband. i just am. and it's not just my husband either - this applies to my work environment too. i'm a multi-tasker. what can i say? things that take one person two hours to do really only takes me 30 min. it's a fact of life. my dad is kinda a freak multi-tasker. by 10am on saturday my dad will have made breakfast for everyone, washed two cars, vacummed the house, built three picnic tables and re-seeded the entire lawn - and he only got up at 8am. also, when i was in junior high and high school, my dad worked the night shift and was home during the day while my mom worked during the day so for the bulk of my life, my homemaker role model was my dad. the vacuum cleaner was my alarm clock and whites with a pink tinge were a way of life for me. eat your heart out, martha.

the point of this story? i don't think there is one. i just wanted to let you know that i sometimes am stuck in aisle 4 tempted to try one of those meals-in-a-box but decide that only fresh, home-cooked food will do for my family. and then i crank up guns-n-roses on the radio while driving home.

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