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addendum to college magazine guy tale  
sorry to torture you with one more story. but regarding "college magazine guy" in my last post i realized late last night that there was a story behind us not seeing each other again aside from him cooking a bad dinner.

okay, when i was at his apartment (after several dates/weeks later) i went to the bathroom and it was there that all my neuroses came crashing in. in the wastebasket was a stickie note from adam's roommate that read "adam - please flush". oh horrors of horrors - WHAT didn't he flush? pee? poo? cigs? why do i always get the boys whose roommates have to leave them notes to "please flush"?!?!? so, this was very traumatic for me for some reason. now a days, i guess i would just walk out of the bathroom and say "dude, what didn't you flush this morning?". i might also mention that when he's having a gal over on a date he might want to empty the bathroom garbage.

so - long story short, that was our last date. i don't remember if he called again. i do remember going back to my dorm and my three roommates and dissecting why that note freaked me out and WHY WHY WHY he just didn't flush. my roomies consoled me with wine coolers and shots of maddog 20-20 but would periodically leave the room so they could laugh their asses off in the hallway. being the sensitive girls that they were, they spent the next 6 months leaving me notes anywhere and everywhere that read "lisa - please flush". har har. they left them in the bathroom, under my pillow - jesus, even in my western civ book. it culminated during xmas break when they would call my house and leave messages with my parents. i would come home from being out and there would be a little note from my mom that read "lisa: liz, mel and kathi each called and all asked that you please flush". at the bottom my mom wrote "what's this all about?!" as if they were calling to remind me to flush my cocaine because a big bust was going to happen.

so, dear readers, please, PUH-LEASE, flush.

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