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a post on all things boston-y  
i was in boston this past weekend for a girls only trip with my pals lisa, kim and erin. sorry to robotors living in and around boston - there was way to much giggling going on for me to do any proper meets and greets. but because i now adore boston, i will be there every month to see you.

i hadn't been to boston since i was 12 and that's not really the proper way to DO boston. this time was great. it was brain-numbingly cold but being in new england is just the shiznit. most of you are sick of hearing my rant on the south and how everyone i know is a mini-jerry springer show and how i can't get my co-workers to stop talking about their colon infections and their baby daddys and their 17 divorces and marriages. well, that wasn't happening in boston. (at least not the group i was with.) everyone was nice and normal and friendly and happy. they were drunk but they were friendly. cool beer flows from every corner pub, snow flutters, ice krackles and this little tiny city shines on like a younger, more calm, nicer new york sib. i've already looked for a job there this morning. my friend kim has no idea i'm moving in with her.

i finally got to meet kim's boyfriend, conor, a wonderful irishman from cork. and now that i've met him it's okay for him to go ahead and propose (should he be reading this and need the hint). and i like him for more than just the fact that they'll have a wedding in ireland. no, really, i do.

finally, a little linguistic lesson for you. quincy is both a market and town in massachusetts. it is pronounced "quinZy". peabody is a museum, hotel and street in boston. some people pronounce is "pea-bidy". i have also heard it "puh-body". for those that say "puh-body" i wonder if they pronounce "pea" as "puh". now you know.

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