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25 things about me  
i decided to update my happyrobot bio with this list. (guess what? it's longer than 900 words so i can't post the entire thing to my bio page. poo.) some bloggers do 100 things. i CANNOT think of 100 things about myself. i wonder what that means?

1. I am a big sister to two brothers. We get along fabulously.
2. My biggest passion in life is hating my job.
3. I love music. I always have it on.
4. I love to cook.
5. I wear glasses for distance. One of my eyes is 20/20. The other is 20/60. I could wear a monocle if they made cool ones.
6. I am having trouble completing this list.
7. I am undecided about whether or not to have children.
8. I have been married since 2000.
9. I worked as a nanny in California the summer I turned 18.
10. I am a happy person but am searching for more "joy" in my life.
11. I am a Leo.
12. I have known three of my close friends for 23 years. (I met them in second grade.)
13. My dream from age 10 was to live in NYC. I did so from 1997-1999.
14. I read everything and anything. Books, magazines, papers, cereal boxes. Everything.
15. It kills me to buy clothes full price. I usually buy things on sale.
16. I am bossy and controlling. I get pissy when things don't go the way I plan. I hate being told what to do even though I'll happily tell you what to do.
17. I am afraid of the dark. (And what might lurk there.)
18. I once interviewed to be Martha Stewart's assistant.
19. Growing up I was always called "Lisa May". My friend's Mom didn't even know my last name was "May" for a long time.
20. This list has made me feel very boring.
21. I am problem solver and a fixer, using duct tape and words. Whatever is applicable.
22. I laugh with, at and for people a lot. I am probably going to hell for the laughing at people part.
23. I eat a salad everyday.
24. I worry about the environment, war, and dying.
25. I don't like red wine or caramel color liquors.

Bonus fact: As a result of this list, I am going to try to be more interesting.

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