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game night and things to eat  
went to nate and traci's for game night on saturday. played lots of fun things. had a marathon of trivial pursuit pop culture DVD edition. so fun. as nate was trying to answer the final question for the win he thought that william phillip edward huntington worthington edmonton windsor was prince charles, not prince william. i even whispered the answer to him but he apparently figured i was lying. he did, however, end up winning the game.

i have been making lots of yummy things to eat lately. yogurt smoothies every morning - vanilla yog, strawberries, bananas and peach juice. (side note: the idea of a peanut butter, banana and yog smoothie may sound good but it's a poorly executed drink. the p-nut butter never quite blends in. trust me.) lots of chicken marinated with paul newman's balsamic vinagrette, grilled and put on a salad and served with sourdough rolls from panera bakery. for lunch: homemade hawaiian pizzas on pita bread from neomonde's (the BEST pita in the world). for quick weeknight dinners: tacos made with morningstar farms spicy black bean burgers. just cook, chop up, and put in soft tortillas with refried beans, cheese and, of course, salsamole (gucamole and salsa). TONS of salsamole if you know what's good for you. last week, craig and i had appetizer dinner which included cornbread quesadillas (with - duh! - salsamole), buffalo chicken tenders and tomato, mozzerella & basil salad. i also made a rather unsuccessful vegetable soup but i'll get over it - i've put it in the freezer to use in pasta sauce or stew or something.

finally, nate and traci whipped up mojitos for game night and i am totally hooked (they used sprite instead of club soda - yum). i would've never thought i'd like a drink with big sprigs of mint in it, but i guess i AM that kind of girl after all.

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