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big girl bed  
craig and i bought a new bed this weekend. i call it my big girl bed. we've been sleeping on this crappy double that i bought in nyc from 1-800-mattres. no, you read that right, "mattres" - their gimmick is that you leave off the last "s" for "savings". i have a long rant about what the missing "s" really stands for: no springs, sucky delivery, no get my point. this bed is and always has been the creakiest piece of junk. you can kneel on it and practically sink to the box spring. heh -"box spring" - they should just call it a "box" because that's all it is. there are two divets on the "mattres" where craig and i sleep. it's pretty silly.

so we got a new fancy sealy posturpedic queen-sized cashmere topped firm firm firm mattress with reinforced stiching and blah blah blah. it's a nice bed, how's that? we get it saturday. i will not leave it for a week.

i had to buy a set of sheets and i just bought white ones because all the other colors i saw were hideous. i happened to look at sheets on neiman marcus just for fun - they have a sheet that is $520. just one sheet. you have to buy everything a la carte. now, i ask, how nice could those sheets be?

while on neiman marcus i picked out this burberry stole with fox fur pom-poms. i love pom poms.

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