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the weekend in review  
this past weekend was one of those weekends that seemed like it would never end and when it did in fact end at 6:30 this morning, i was deeply offended.

friday was kicked off with some scrumptious chicken curry made by yours truly. julie introduced me to patak's curry paste and that has made all the difference. just use the recipe on the jar. you'll love it. i also watched LE FENETRE SECRETE! also known as the johnny depp thriller "the secret window". when i was in paris this movie was all over the place and i couldn't stop saying "LE FENETRE SECRETE" in my best whispery, french detective accent. the movie was so-so (actually, it was very suspenseful up until the end when the stephen king koo koo-ness kicked in) but i could EASILY marry johnny depp in my next life. i could.

on saturday i dragged craig to the nc history museum for an exhibit called "Women of Our Time: Twentieth-Century Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery". it was a very cool exhibit with amazing photos of women that have generally kicked-ass throughout history. saturday night's feature DVD was "cold mountain" which i thought was good, but sad sad sad. i read the book a while ago but pretty much forgot the entire plot and details.

last night's feature DVD was "bubba ho-tep" which i loved loved loved. i read the short story many years ago and couldn't be happier that it was made into a fantastic and nutty flick. how can you beat an elderly elvis calling his black-friend-who-thinks-he's-jkf and saying "ask not what your rest home can do for you; ask what you can do for your rest home"?

one funny story is from craig who had mattie walking duties on saturday morning. he said one of our neighbors had her taco bell dog off the leash and he came running up to mattie and was running all around as the owner kept calling "moses! moses! get back over here!". when the neighbor finally came and got moses she said to craig "i am so sorry. you'll have to excuse my son". ha! her son! moses! taco bell dogs! ha!

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