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i heart pickles!  
well, folks, things have been quiet around here at lisa says because – brace yourselves - lisa says is in a delicate way. also known as knocked up, has a bun in the oven, in the family way, with child, eating for two or flipping the bird at the chinese government (i found that one online. i know it only really applies if you're having your eighth kid or something, but it's still so funny), yes, all of the above are true. i'm almost three months along (11 weeks for those needing the week breakdown). it's been a rough ride. i pride myself on always having such a healthy appetite but i've been so nauseous that –brace yourselves again – i actually lost a few pounds. (i know – i can't decide what's more shocking – the preggers part or the losing weight part.)

so there you have it. so long singledom – hello parenthood. craig and i are super excited, freaked, nervous, if not dubious, parents-to-be. we're pretty sure the stork is going to show up and say "uh, yeah, there's been a slight mistake. you know the nice quiet couple next door who never eat ice cream for dinner and always do the dishes after every meal and never say the "f" word? well this baby was meant for them. my bad." and then i'll be stuck with the 48 onesies my mother went ahead and already bought baby tee.

in a few weeks we will find out what we're having. i mean, we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl. the medical industry can't yet tell you if you're having a doctor or a lawyer or a serial killer.

now you know what my mind has been occupied with lately. there's a new apartment to be found, our two-seater truck to be gotten rid of and a dog to be prepped for the continual crying of a baby, plus, the dog does NOT like to share her toys. especially the ones that squeak.

With that, i leave you with the words of my dad, first-time grandpa to be: "i can't wait to meet that baby!".

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