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13 things about halloween  
the costume
fraught and fretted over for months and months. until a certain age, we all wore those plastic, non-breathable get ups bearing the likeness of raggedy ann, he-man and g.i. joe. later on, we went for homemade outfits to declare our independance. and coolness.

the weather
in syracuse, ny it practically snowed every halloween so after spending months on our costumes, we'd have to wear our damn coats and boots over them. stupid weather.

the pillowcase
i hated those crappy plastic pumpkins that DIDN'T HOLD CRAP. my brothers and i finally convinced our parents to spare some pillowcases so we could properly loot the neighborhood. those suckers sure can hold a lot of candy.

the 'hood
it seems weird now to think of creeping around the neighborhood and begging for candy. we stayed away from houses without lights on. we stayed away from the house that gave out pencils and pennies the year before. who gives out pencils and pennies? 315 hinsdale road, that's who.

the candy
dude, no sweetarts! i can go home and guzzle all the sugar i want out of the sugar canister! give me chocolate! give me mini-candybars! interestingly enough, i loved those cheap peanut-butter taffy pieces that come wrapped in black and orange wax paper. a bag of like 200 costs 2 bucks. love 'em.

the pumpkins
no matter how hard i tried to draw an outline on my pumpkin before carving it, it always came out lopsided and i'd have to have my dad fix it. i usually ended up extracting a tooth or two in the mouth - teeth were just too damn hard. the smell of pumpkin guts makes me vomit 365 days a year so i used to wear my swimming noseplugs when the de-gutting took place. ugh.

best scary halloween movie
silence of the lambs. don't argue with me, clarice.

daylight savings time
don't forget to set your damn clocks back!

halloween parties
number of halloween parties where i drank vodka punch out of a (new) garbage can: 1, number of halloween parties where someone (not me) barfing in the basement ended the party:1

best costume i ever saw
girl in wilmington dressed as tippi hedren from "the birds" complete with pink 60's style suit with pillbox hat and fake, life-sized crows attached to her with fake blood. so. awesome.

my brothers
my brothers are living in a house together and have complex plans involving a fake head and fake blood so that when they answer the door, most children will probably never go trick-or-treating again.

halloween as a preggers
sure wish i had a pillowcase full of candy. right. now.

witches, ghosts and goblins
i saw an article somewhere that a school declared halloween as being offensive to witches. what will they think up next? in the raleigh-durham area, some towns have proclaimed that trick-or-treating will take place on saturday, not sunday. you can't just change halloween, folks!

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