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some numbers  
# of times a day i check for new content on happyrobot: 57
# of times a day i check other blogs i read for new content: 24
# of times i feel a twinge in my gut and go to a pregnancy web site to see if a twinge means my baby has a serious disease: 3
# of diseases on my list that i'm pretty sure my baby has: 4
# of diseases i was able to cross of my list this weekend because it's extremely rare: 1 (the one where your kid can't feel pain)
# of times a day i remember an old movie i like and look up the trivia on internet movie database: 2
# of times jason has sent me a link to view tara reid's messed up boob job: 1 (just monday)
# of times a day i add or remove stuff from my amazon wish list and baby registry: 11
# of times a day i look up a recipe that sounds good only to be discouraged by negative reviews: 3
# of times a day i ignore any article about that republican president in the ny times: 14
# of times a day i drool over the photo of a caramel apple cider on the starbucky's web site: 2
# of times a day i use the bathroom: cannot even be counted it's so many
# of times a day i wish i was home reading a good book or taking the dog for a walk in this lovely fall weather: also cannot even be counted it's so many

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