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the squarebob thefts and other musings  
i'm so sad that the giant inflatable squarebob is missing from my local burger king. there's a long running joke with my in-laws about my distaste for peas. when i first met craig's granny, she tried to serve peas for dinner and i declined. she then exclaimed "what kind of person doesn't like peas?!"although, i can see the allure of stealing spongebob for the top of your frat house, i do have to ask "what kind of person steals a giant spongebob squarepants?!"

earlier this week i was witness to one of those painfully funny moments that you think only happens on will & grace but really does happen in real life. a co-worker of mine had a table set up outside a classroom at work and was signing people in for a class that day. a rather manly looking woman approached the table and my co-worker inquired "yes, sir, how can i help you?". the manly woman blew it off as i am sure it happens to her from time to time. i don't think my co-worker even realized what happened because when the woman said "my name is kathy", my co-worker said "really? your name is kathy?". unfortunately, i couldn't run up to this co-worker and give a good "ha-HA" a la nelson muntz because she's more professional than i am and just start working here and i didn't want to scare her. but i was laughing pretty much all day.

last night the dog slept on the bed with me and when craig is out of town she sleeps SO CLOSE to me that i have to fight her for the covers. in the middle of the night i reached over to turn the light off and i rolled right over her and just had this squirmy dog head under my torso. it was a good lesson to learn before baby tee is born. you WILL squash anything in bed with you that is smaller than a person.

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