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'tis the season-ness  
i had all my xmas cards out, the tree up & decorated and lights on the front of the house by december 1. now i don't have anything to do. actually, when my brother jim was in minneapolis a couple weeks ago, i begged him to go to paper source and get me one of their star kits so i'm busy making silver stars.

he was in minneapolis this past weekend and i begged him to go to marshall field's and buy some frango mints as i had heard and read a lot about their deliciousness. it's all true.

my brother's girlfriend lives in minneapolis, hence, all the minneapolis-ness. they met on a plane when he was flying from minneapolis back to raleigh after a conference. they've been dating ever since. it's been like a year. go figure.

we got some people in the neighborhood that have gone bonkers with the decorations. we call them "the griswalds". there are 3 houses so far that have lights on every edge of the house, every tree, blow-up polar bears and snowglobes and plastic santas and angels and all sorts of xmas-ness. i'm such a pragmatic, i never think "oo - pretty" i just think "where the hell do you store that crap the other 11 months of the year?". such a buzzkill.

i AM looking forward to ella having her first christmas. i think she'll like the wrapping paper and all the funness. in all honesty, i am not buying her any toys for christmas since she'll be getting more than enough goodies from grandparents and uncles and aunts. i think i'll wrap some of her old toys for her to open. plus, she's just as content to chew on the shoe that she just pulled off her own foot so i don't think she'll care. but pipe down and don't call social services just yet - i'm putting money into her college account instead. jeez.

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