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post post post holiday wrap up  
with the war on christmas over and the new year begun, i thought i'd give you a quick wrap-up of what's happenin', hot stuff.

ella raked in the goodies this christmas. and while i said i was just going to wrap up old toys for her, i DID go out and get her a very funny sesame street alphabet dvd (with stephen colbert as the letter "z") and some other little things. my brother gary and his girl got her a cool fisher price gymtastics center that she now stands up and holds on to. gary's girl kristin also got ella a gorgeous madame alexander doll when she was at fao swartz in nyc. it now lives on ella's bookshelf. my brother jim bought her the bee bop band set (don't gasp at the price on this site - it's waaaay cheaper at target) and it's been quite musical around our house. i think craig and i enjoy it more than ella. craig has been teaching ella to hit the drumsticks like "one-two-three-four" and then go berserk on the drum. the drumsticks are caterpillars so naturally, i've named her band "caterpillar drumstick". i think ringer neck onesies are on order for her 2005 tour. my friend lisa got her many clever books - the one she is most currently obsessed with is windows to color which has very cool paintings in it. i never thought i'd be reading to my baby and saying "yes, sweetheart, that's a painting by chagall" and have her love it.

new year's eve was uneventful with craig cooking delish thai curry chicken and us watching like 12 episodes of vh1's "i love the 90s". those shows really crack me up. i did not stay up to see the stroke of midnight.

nothing more exciting around these parts except i am totally wasted from ella's night wakings and am pleading with the sleeping-through-the-night-fairy to pay us a visit. honestly, those people that have 10 kids MUST be either ignoring their kids at night or putting them to sleep with the merest hint of tylenol because there's no WAY a person would go back for more after 9 months of not sleeping. more on this in a later post...

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