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it's ten!  
ella is ten months old today. she's such a little girl lately. i can't even remember her little baby-self.

the biggest and best news of them all is this: ella sleeps through the night! and that means sweet sweet sleep for mama! hurrah! if possible, i'm actually more tired now that i get 7-8 hours a sleep a night than when i was only getting 4-6. i know you can't really "catch up" on your sleep so maybe i'm just working on getting used to getting more sleep. i don't know.

i have many many many hang-ups with the breastfeeding community and its philosophies and i'll just throw this item out there to be discussed in a future post - the day i started weaning ella by giving her bottle of formula is the day she started sleeping through the night. hmmmm. twalk amongst yourselves on that one.

we think ella has been saying "dada" toward craig and not just as a fun sound to make while demolishing her bookshelf. the other morning as she laid in bed with me while craig made a bottle, he started talking to mattie in a funny voice and ella picked up her head and just said "dada". very cute. every night before bed we look through her favorite books of the moment (you know when a book is out of her favorite rotation when she picks it up and elegantly tosses over the side of my bed) and there's one book we have about neighborhood animals and i noticed that when i accidentally have my thumb on the little drawing of the animal on each page ella moves it and then gently pats the picture as if to say "it's okay, mama's big fat thumb won't hurt you anymore". so sweet. also this month - the first casulty of learning to walk. she fell in the kitchen (you mean we have to watch her while she's standing next to a cabinet?) and hit her eye which resulted in an ugly shiner that turned black, blue and yellow over the course of three days. i was afraid to take her out for fear that i'd be accused of child abuse. so the score stands at ella - zero; kitchen cabinets - one.

i call the above photo "ella and mimi, the amazing flying monkey"

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