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100% original and true (unless otherwise noted)  
- at the library i frequent they have a rabbit in a cage perched up on a book shelf. his name is flash. awww, cute. the other day this boy was on the step stool next to rabbit's cage and he turned to his mother and said "i'd like to open the top of the cage, stick my hand in and poke his eye out". the mother gave him a horrified look and said "EXCUSE ME?!". he didn't respond. i guess it's his first lesson in not saying EVERYTHING you're thinking. (this isn't 100% original since fussy wrote earlier about her son wanting to hurt dogs -- a very funny story, by the way -- but how can i help it if a similar story happened to me? plus, i wonder if that's a common thing with little boys - wanting to maim animals at some point? hmm.)

-stef, over at daxiang ( a very crafty and food inspiring site. i highly recommend it.), turned me on to pg tips tea in a post last month. i was pleasently surprised to find it at harris teeter. it's really good - full-bodied, not bitter and with just the right amount of caffeine. i can't wait to try it with sweetened condensed milk as stef suggested. the box says it's britain's number 1 tea and i wonder if it really is or if they're just tooting their own tea bags (ha ha). too bad i didn't live in britain because i'd run right out and buy the wallace and grommit tea caddy they advertise on their site. (again, i didn't really think any of this up on my own since daxiang started it all. sigh)

-i made these for dinner tonight. really delish. except i didn't do the bechamel sauce because although i've made bechamel many times, today i just couldn't get it to bechamize. i don't think i missed out on anything because it was still very good. (not a recipe i wrote myself. just stolen from giada. so only about 30% true since i altered it.)

-so sad to be missing out on all the happyrobot fun this weekend. flights from rdu were like $500. will anyone be doing a live webcast? or at least a minute by minute account via the chatbot? (that last idea was all my own, i'm happy to say. i sat around all day on my homemaking ass thinking it up. hurrah!)

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