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ella, plainly fabulous and tall  
at ella's 15 month appointment we found out that we are raising a twiggy. you know, the 60s model? ella is tall and skinny. she only gained an ounce in three months but grew three inches. hello. she is talking up a storm. she pretty much will try to say any word you say. the other day it was "fish" but it sounds like "shish". yesterday she handed me "pigeon has feelings, too" in which pigeon is asked to show his happy face and as she handed me the book she said "happy?". i pretty much think she's a genius. then she does something like get up at 5:17am and i think "not so genius". lots of moms i've talked to say that the first year, from birth to one, was their favorite time with their kids and i have to say that for me, that year sucked and THIS time is the most fun i've ever had. ella is entertaining and funny and her capacity for wonder is staggering. today there was a toad on the front porch and it was like - THERE IS A TOAD. ON THE. FRONT PORCH. HOLY CRAP. YAY!

we read books three times a day and we have a certain set that we read and they gradually get moved out of rotation. aside from the aforementioned pigeon, we are currently reading "each peach pear plum" (one of my favs), "brown bear brown bear" (ella made my mom read it four times in a row the other night), "dear zoo" (sooooo cute), "i spy little animals" (i do all the spying), "my big book of animals" (because it has kitties in it and ella loves kitties which she pronounces "keeeeys"), "ten little eggs" (which we have to count over and over) and, this one i sing rather than read, "the farmer in the dell". from time to time i sneak in a paragraph or two from the new yorker but ella doesn't usually get the cartoons so we have to go back to dr. seussing it.

on a random note, lately the cicadas/crickets/locusts/whatever outside my house have been so loud at night that they sound like a fierce summer rain storm. it's pretty.

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