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michelangelo i ain't  
so craig and i painted our bathroom this weekend. when we moved into the house all our walls were painted white - really, a primer-like white. really crappy paint. so little by little we've been painting different rooms and our bathroom was the next victim. i wanted a subtle shade of blue-ish gray but what we ended up with was gray. it looks like the gray that we will use to paint our garage floor. ugh. it's such a pain to paint that i can't even imagine painting over it. there's all the taping of the walls, covering the floor, the stench (although i have to say that paint doesn't smell as bad as it used to), plus, i have to go back and touch up the trim. i would really just rather pay someone to paint for me but that isn't in the cards. i bought some white towels and i'm veiwing our bathroom as having an austere spa look. whatever. next time, i'm forking over 30 bucks beforehand and buying a bunch of the ingenious little 8 oz. paint samples that some of the paint companies sell online. i just can't get a good idea of what a color will look like from a 2 inch piece of colored paper.

the new fall show "30 rock" looks really funny. i wonder if it will last beyond one episode?

and, have you heard "my cubicle" set to james blunt's "you're beautiful"? i have to say it's silly but funny and funny and funny.

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