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-i've been obsessively listening to r.e.m's "eponymous" lately. so obsessively that tonight while it was playing at dinner and "so. central rain" came on with stipe singing "i'm sorry" over and over in the chorus, ella started singing right along with him. the littlest r.e.m. fan EVER! also, when i looked up the lyrics to "so. central rain", one site had the song listed as "so, central rain". um, i think the "so." part means "south". i think.

-my dad was in switzerland for bidness and in addition to bringing back swiss chocolates, he brought me back something i've had a hard time finding in the states (without having to order it directly from the web site by the case) which is pink grapefruit mentos. so. good. i first read about them on candy blog (a great great site - just found out the altoids is producing chocolate covered 'toids). anyway, now i will HAVE to order a case from the mentos site because i can't live without them any longer.

-was in saratoga springs, ny this past weekend for some bridal showers for my future sister-in-law. saratoga springs is soooo cute and has some beautiful old victorian homes. lots of neat shops and restaurants. we had a lovely meal at an italian place where i stuffed myself so full of bread dipped in olive oil that i had a stomach ache all weekend. you just don't find very good bread in the south. my brother and his fiancee really hauled in the loot. wish i could have a bridal shower every few years to stock up on goodies.

-in addition to being away this past weekend, craig had ella all to himself for the first time in 19 months. the house did not burn down and craig and ella had a great time. i think i shall go away every weekend.

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