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friday random ten (it's not what you think)  
1. you know those science bits that are filmed in a dark room with a light on someone's head and that person sneezes and it shows how far a sneeze can go? well, that can easily be replicated at home with a toddler and a mouth full of chocolate chips. it's not pretty, folks and i'm still cleaning up.

2. one of my new passions/hobbies/professions is pop-up and/or lift-the-flap book surgery. i open my clinic every few days or so - i just set up my breakfast bar with tweezers and scotch tape and get to work. i'm very talented, if i say so myself.

3. it's so comforting that playdough smells exactly like it did when i was a kid. also, dogs think playdough is food so heads up, people.

4. ella has started getting up at night again. she calls for me and i go to her and we rock in her chair for 20 minutes and she goes back to sleep. any ideas as to what's going on? does she need a nightlight? should i not go in and soothe her? am i letting her watch too much "the flavor of love"? (just kidding, you know i don't have cable. also, shouldn't it be "the FLAVA of love"?)

5. choco-covered altoids - sooooooooooooo good. oddly enough, cinnamon is my fav.

6. there are so many things wrong with the "strangers with candy" movie. and yet, it's so awesome.

7. went to connecticut to visit craig's family last week. i've been visiting west hartford with craig for almost 10 years and it was only recently that i found out that the mark twain house and musuem was in hartford. we went to it on this visit and it was really great. a beautiful house and lots of neat history on mark twain. next door is the harriet beecher stowe house - they were neighbors. since it was a thursday, we were they only ones there along with the guide and that amounted to a private tour. our guide must've been new and they're obviously instructed to call mark twain by his real name - samuel clemens - but our tour guide would say stuff like "this is where mark twain...i mean, samuel...i mean, sam...would do all his writing. as mark twain.". good stuff.

8. craig and i also took a side trip to maine where we froze our tushies off but got a chance to shop at the l.l. bean store. i bought this preppy and springy mini-tote in the hopes of ushering spring in a little faster. it hasn't worked so far.

9. also in maine i went to some outlets. apparently the gap outlet is where all the nice, normal clothes are hiding. i got three excellent 3/4 sleeved shirts that i've been living in (i adore 3/4 sleeved shirts). also, the outlet carries all the old fragrences that i don't think the regular stores have. i like the "heaven" flavor. and it's all cheap, so there you go.

10. this is me and ella on the plane back home to nc. we didn't pay for an extra seat but there was only four people on the plane so for a little while, ella got to sit on her own. of course, she choose that flight to take a nap so i ended up having to hold her anyway. i am wearing a raspberry-colored down vest i purchased on sale at l.l.bean (i spent A LOT of time at l.l. bean last week). ella is eating crackers and holding "cowie":

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