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things i will miss  
-bbq sandwiches and hush puppies. preferebly mixed together in a smoothie with sweet tea
-farmland dotted with tin smokehouses from days of yore
-armadillo grill and neomonde (my two favorite eateries. also two of the cheapest places to eat)
-shrimp and grits (i don't like shrimp OR grits but i like that this dish exists. besides, it's un-american to hate a dish that's 50% bacon and butter)
-awesome playdates with nate and adam. boo-hoo.
-my little house
-carolina blue sky (let's face it - the sky here is REALLY, freakishly blue)
-biscuitville (i've never even eaten here but i like that i can drive by and see signs like "bologna is back!". i wonder if justin timberlake had something to do with that?)
-speaking of biscuits, i will miss biscuits. hardee's chicken biscuits. so good.
-driving down to wrightsville beach for the weekend
-70 degree winter days (but with global warming, we'll all soon enjoy those!)

well, you get the idea. we're moving! lisa says will soon be coming to you live via internet satellites from connecticut! we've been wanting to move and new england was our target area. we really wanted to try maine but it wasn't in the cards right now so connecticut it is. we'll be close to craig's parents and his sister and close to lots of friends in the north. we're happy and excited and nervous and anxious. now we just have the small task of selling our house and packing up our lives in six short weeks. eek!

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