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forgive my disjointed posts - my brain has been dusted off and packed into separate boxes, much like my house. also, my daughter has decided to forgo napping for now. whaddaya going to do?

just say no to vonage! (or perhaps someone has a better story about vonage than i do because you live in a big city and service is better there). last july craig and i got all cheap and reduced some bills, including our digital phone service with time warner. we went with super-cheapo vonage and have hated it ever since but put up with it because it's $25 bucks a month. for that you get static-y calls, calls where people sound like they're under water, service outages for no reason and then you need to un-plug and restart and re-boot and re-wire everything and, as i just found out, a $39.99 disconnection fee if you stop service within in a year of starting. it's in the fine print, of course. they spend hours telling you about their weird 911 issues (basically, you may or may not get through to 911, or you may or may not get re-routed to india or you may or may not bleed to death while vonage figures out where you're calling 911 from. or something like that) but neglect to mention their lovely disconnection fee. i hope you've had a better experience than i have.

i've been lucky enough the entire time i've lived in nc to avoid the jehovah's witnesses but i got ambushed by them yesterday. and while i had a spiel all ready, the man had the worst glasses and the worst suit and the worst briefcase that i just had to let him talk. i got a mini-bible out of the deal with some fantastic artwork in it - wars, famine, white people killing black people and chinese people hugging middle eastern people. nate, this "what jesus teaches" bible will be my going away present to you. also, when i mentioned to the guy that i was moving to CT he said "well, i am sure the jehovah's will find you there". i am sure they will. i sat next to a jehovah's witness in 5th grade. i was appalled that she didn't celebrate birthdays. not even a cupcake.

i joined the techonological elite this week when i got an ipod. now i need an adapter for my car and a docking thingie for my stereo and about 60 new cds. it never ends, does it?

ella will be opening a new cafe soon - it will serve some of her favorite food combinations, foods that daniel boulud could never think of: apple chunks dipped in black bean soup, hot dogs dipped in applesause, and peaches dipped in honey mustard (we're big on dipping). for dessert: anything chocolate. i am thinking her cafe will be huge with the dessert crowds. also on the menu will be stuff she ate with gusto last week (and month and year) but now starts spitting out even before it's near her mouth: mac and cheese, yogurt smoothies and roasted carrots. what gives with these little celeb chefs?

time for me to go watch "elmo in grouchland" for the 80th time. starring vanessa williams and mandy patinkin. as if you didn't know.

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