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the girl is three!  
continuing my disbelief at the fact that i even HAVE a kid, then she goes and does something like turn THREE. three is a huge age. you're all runny and jumpy and jittery. i get exhausted just looking at her cute face. we've had a month of big firsts: first days of ella attending day care/preschool, first days of me being back at work (only part-time but still, i have an office and people talk about the weather to me). i went back to work exactly three years to the day of stopping my last job. hm.

ella loves "school" and they love her. i often stand at the gate waving to her and she could totally care less that i'm crying my eyes out. finally, one of the teachers will take pity on me and wave. i'm a sad sack, that's for sure.

we've been talking about ella's birthday for the past three months and i have a feeling we'll be celebrating for the next three. some favorite stuff she got: "the octonauts and the only lonely monster" (the most adorable book in the entire world. the web site kicks bottom too); "600 black spots" (the first book, "one red dot" was a gift from river rat and we read it endlessly. there's a second book out called "blue 2" and i read that the author plans two more books. yay!); and finally, the sky-o (now that we have a yard, i'm stocking up on great outdoor toys and this is fun fun fun).

while she still gets up at night, it's been a lot less frequent in the new house. we put a full-sized bed in her room so when she does wake up, i just climb into bed and fall back to sleep while she hangs out and tells me stories (most begin "once upon a time, there was a little girl named ella..."). near our new house, there's a small park with a springy teeter-toter (more kid-friendly then the old ones of yore that required everyone to be the same weight) and it's truly one of life's great joys to teeter with her. she cracks me up when i ask her to do something and she's all "okay, little mama" or when i tell her she's my favorite and my best, she always replies the same. the other day a neighbor came over to introduce herself and after craig and i had shook her hand, ella reached out her little hand and said "hello. my name is ella". i mean, c'mon, i have to get at least partial credit for successfully getting her this far, right?!?

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