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things seen, overhead, eaten and tried  
Hanging from overpass on I-84: Sign that says “Impeach Bush and Cheney!” Scrawled underneath it is “C’mon! Nixon did less!” Kudos to whoever placed it there as it is a railroad overpass and they probably hung it up at night. I’d like to think of them researching train schedules and such in order to get that super-important sign in place.

Seriously: In Target a Caucasian Mom with two Asian children bumped into a woman they evidently know and saw earlier in the store because the woman says to the mother “Oh, I wanted to apologize for what I said before. Instead of asking how old they are, I should’ve asked how long you’ve had them.” Say what? The mother looked at me as if to gather the strength not to murder this woman right in the Target Dollar Spot section. The mother was gracious and kind and the whole time I’m staring at the two of them like “Go on. Kill her. I’ll hold her down for you.” I think it would be perfectly fine to ask “When did the children join your family?” or something like that, but it was the “instead of” that got me. Why in particular “instead of”? Very strange. Also, the “them” part. Them shoes? Them earrings? Them rickets?

Let this be a lesson to me: My supervisor was recounting a story to someone about a time when he asked an employee to put in a little extra work on a project and the employee said she would only do the work if she got a raise. So my supervisor gave her a raise. “And then, after the project, I fired her.” Ouchie.

Eaten: Best-Ever Chocolate Cake (take a cake mix, add some stuff to it, really delicious. I make a different frosting for it.), Mango Chicken Curry (even my kid ate this up), Naan on the grill (make a lot, freeze and then just defrost on the grill when you need it), fresh pineapple (minus Elana’s gut rot), cold-brewed iced coffee (I made it, Rich! It’s good), al fresco chicken sausage with skewered veggies (on the grill – can you tell we just got a grill?) and rice (made, sadly, not on the grill).

Tried and true: I love summer but I get a little panicky because it’s sandal/flip-flop season and my feet are so gross what with dry and crackly skin that I cannot ever seem to get rid of (unless I was inclined to get weekly pedicures). I’ve tried countless creams and lotions and I recently remembered an article I read in the NY Times where several dermatologists mentioned plain old Vaseline as a cure-all. So, I’ve been slathering my sad feet with the Vaseline and I’m pleased to say it works, in combination with a pumice stone, of course. Smoove (as Ella would say).

Witnessed first hand: In Florida, where Craig's 87-year-old granny lives in a retirement community, not too many of the old folks are computer savvy. But there are a few and those few are doing the cutest thing: they print out ALL of the forward jokes they get from email, make about 146 copies and pass them around to their friends who don't use the computer. I had to sit through 15 jokes that I deleted 15 years ago. It's the complete opposite of what the internets is all about. Chuckle.

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