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happyrobot business  
So, I invited the happyrobot boss and his wife up to Connecticut for the holiday weekend with the intent to get promotions and raises for the happyrobot staff, to get our gas mileage reimbursement increased (or free Metro cards or free bike tires, whichever is applicable) and to get an monthly allowance (I decided not to press my luck with the matching Juicy Couture tracksuits.) But, when Rich stepped into my house with a box from Moet Hennessy and his famous tortilla press, I was a goner. Friends, we drank (and ate) the fiscal year 2009 budget away. I'm so sorry. Next time, I promise, I will not be swayed by warm tortillas, Rachel's deelish guacamole and superfine sparkly Champagne. Damn you, Rich! Perhaps there shouldn't be a next time for me as clearly I am not the person with the stick-to-itiveness (real phrase, seriously) to talk shop with the boss.

It was a super fun weekend with sparklers, a viewing of Wall·E (it's G but I should've known it wasn't really toddler-friendly), a bike ride, some challenging Wii competitions and chalkboard art. Craig recently painted a wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint (note: it has become apparent that chalkboard paint seems to be regular old semi-gloss black paint sold in smaller cans for more money. Just my opinion) and Rich and Rachel did a fine job of decorating it. Rachel learned the hardway that you should not draw anything lower than 48 inches from the floor (a complicated sum involving Ella's height plus her arm length plus the length of an eraser plus tippy toes). Not to worry, I learn things the hard way too; for example, I learned that when I make intricate pipe cleaner animals for Ella I'm actually playing a game called "Please Make Me An Iguana Out Of This Pipe Cleaner And When You're Done I Will Instantly Smoosh It". Good times.

We also introduced Rich and Rachel to the wonderful world of "real hot dogs", which are German-style hot dogs I grew up eating in Syracuse. I personally believe you will never eat a grocery store hot dog again once you have a Hoffmann. They have these awesome white dogs called "snappy grillers" or "coneys" that are so damn delectable. Do yourself a favor - order some online and DON'T read the nutritional information. Thankfully, now that I am a little closer to Syracuse, I have friends that import them for me.

There also was apparently a white-knuckle drive back to the train station courtesy of Craig Andretti. This is the second time R&R have been delivered to the train station and have had to practically toss their bags up on the train and run alongside it to hop on. For the next visit, we might consider a sleepover at the train station the night before.

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